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Nội dung text: Đề thi tuyển sinh Lớp 10 trung học phổ thông chuyên đường nguyễn trãi môn giờ Anh - Năm học tập 2019-2020 - Sở giáo dục và huấn luyện và giảng dạy Hải Dương

SỞ GIÁO DỤC VÀ ĐÀO TẠO KỲ THI TUYỂN SINH HẢI DƯƠNG LỚP 10 thpt CHUYÊN NGUYỄN TRÃI NĂM HỌC 2019-2020 ĐỀ CHÍNH THỨC MÔN: TIẾNG ANH thời hạn làm bài: 120 phút, không kể thời gian giao đề (Đề thi gồm bao gồm 06 trang) CHÚ Ý: sỹ tử làm bài vào tờ giấy thi Phần trắc nghiệm: chỉ cần viết số câu và giải đáp A, B, C, hoặc D Phần từ luận: Viết đầy đủ theo yêu cầu của bài (Thí sinh ko được sử dụng bất cứ tài liệu gì.) A. LISTENING khuyên bảo làm bài nghe: bài nghe gồm có 04 phần, mỗi phần thí sinh được nghe 02 lần. Mở màn và ngừng phần nghe tất cả tín hiệu nhạc. đa số hướng dẫn cho thí sinh (bằng tiếng Anh) tất cả trong bài. I. Listen to FIVE short conversations and choose the correct answer to lớn each question. (5.0 points) Question 1: What does the man receive in the post? A. LettersB. PostcardsC. Letters and postcards Question 2: What did the man buy? A. Bread và teaB. Milk & breadC. Bread & cheese Question 3: How can people travel today? A. By trainB. By airC. By bus Question 4: What is the date of the wedding anniversary? A. 24thB. 25th C. 26th Question 5: What musical instruments does the family have now? A. Piano and fluteB. Flute và guitarC. Guitar và piano II. Listen to lớn a conversation và fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS / NUMBERS. (5.0 points) TRANSPORT FROM BAYSWATER Question 6: ___ Express train leaves at (6) ___ Question 7: ___ (7) ___ is the nearest station Question 8: ___ Number (8) ___ bus goes khổng lồ Central Street Question 9: ___ Number 792 bus goes to lớn (9) ___ Question 10: ___ Earlier bus leaves at (10) ___ III. Listen to lớn a woman talking on the radio about a singing course she attended and fill in each blank with NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS / NUMBERS. (5.0 points) SINGING FOR BEGINNERS Place: Brownstoke College Question 11: ___ Course details:  Lena Phipps, a very good former (11) ___, is the tutor. Question 12: ___  The maximum number of students per course is 10. Question 13: ___  All classes start with (12) ___ that help students to lớn relax. Question 14: ___  Students learn lớn sing (13) ___, modern & pop songs. Question 15: ___  Accomodation is in single or twin rooms.  Cooked breakfast, lunch và dinner are included.  There is a very good lunch, & (14) ___ can be recommended. The next course starts: (15) ___, 24th September Page 1 / 6IV. Listen to a conversation between a student & her profressor và then choose the correct answer to each question. (5.0 points) Question 16: What is the student’s main purpose in this conversation? A. To lớn change the date of her examB. To lớn apologize to the professor C. Khổng lồ take her final exam D. To schedule her flight Question 17: Why does the student have a problem? A. She is taking too many classes.B. She lives too far from her family. C. She did not vày well on her final exam. D. She made a mistake when she scheduled her trip. Question 18: On what day is the exam scheduled? A. MondayB. TuesdayC. Wednesday D. Thursday Question 19: What does the professor decide khổng lồ do? A. Allow the student to lớn repeat the exam.B. Reschedule the student’s exam for another day. C. Let the student skip the final exam. D. Give the student an incomplete. Question 20: When does this conversation most probably take place? A. In MarchB. In MayC. In November D. In December B. GRAMMAR - VOCABULARY - LANGUAGE FUNCTIONS I. Choose the word, phrase or expression that best completes each sentence below. (15.0 points) Question 21. ___ relations with friends and acquaintances, play a major role in the social development of adolescents. A. Peer group relations areB. Peer group relations, the C. By peer group relations, we mean D. What are called peer group relations are Question 22. Jane ___ her mother in many ways, but she has her father’s sense of humor. A. Comes acrossB. Makes outC. Takes after D. Gives in Question 23. That man has a very strange ___, so I can’t tell where he comes from. A. AccentB. PronunciationC. Speech D. Tone Question 24. ___ it is invisible khổng lồ the unaided eyes, ultraviolet light can be detected in a number of ways. A. BecauseB. DespiteC. Since D. Although Question 25. Doctors advise ___ too much time watching TV. A. Not to lớn spendB. Not spending C. Not being spent D. Not spend Question 26. One problem that teachers have to khuyến mãi with is that each student has his / her own ___ needs. A. DistinctiveB. SeparateC. Divided D. Individual Question 27. A major concern among archaeologists today is the preservation of archaeological sites, ___ are threatened by development. A. Of which manyB. Many of themC. Many of which D. Which many Question 28. “I’m really sorry for my mistake. It was one that I ___,” the boy said khổng lồ his teacher. A. Shouldn’t have madeB. Mustn’t make C. Shouldn’t be making D. Had not to lớn make Question 29. ___ weather! We cannot go out for a walk now. A. What a terribleB. What terribleC. How terrible D. How a terrible Question 30. Rarely ___ seen far from water. A. Spotted turtles have B. Spotted turtles are C. Are spotted turtles D. Have spotted turtles Question 31. David: “What vì chưng you vì for a living, Mike?” Mike: “___” A. I get a high salary.B. I work in a bank. C. It’s hard work.D. I want lớn be a doctor. Question 32. Woman: “How can this dress be so expensive?” Salesgirl: “___” A. Yes, it’s the most expensive we’ve got.B. What an expensive dress! C. You’re paying for the brand. D. Thank you for your consideration. Page 2 / 6Question 33. Boy: “Could I use your phone? I need to lớn make an urgent call.” Girl: “___” A. Feel free, please.B. Certainly, I do. C. I’m sorry lớn hear that. D. That’s very kind of you. Question 34. Laura: “I’m awfully sorry I can’t go out with you tonight!” Henry: “___? Haven’t you agreed? A. Why vì you thinkB. How comeC. What is it D. Why don’t you Question 35. Interviewer: "What sort of job are you looking for?" Thomas: “___” A. No, I don"t think so. I"d really prefer something outdoors. B. Oh, for me the most important is job satisfaction and I can have some work experience. C. As a student, the most interesting thing about this job is working with people. D. Well, I"m still in school, so I want something either in the evening or on the weekend. II. Give the correct size of the words in brackets. (5.0 points) Question 36. The inn is (PICTURE) ___ situated on the river bank. Question 37. Mr. Cook is a very generous gentleman. Everyone in this town admires his (SELF) ___. Question 38. The little girl wanted khổng lồ have her skirt (LONG) ___. Question 39. The weather in this area can be a bit (PREDICT) ___. One minute it is shining brightly and the next mintute it is pouring down. Question 40. It is scientifically proven that smoking causes 42% of cases of chronic (RESPIRE) ___ diseases. III. Choose the underlined word or phrase in each sentence below that needs correcting. (5.0 points) Question 41. One of the biggest problems face us now is the need to control population growth. A B C D Question 42. Kilauea’s numerous eruptions are generally composed in molten lava, with little escaping gas và few explosions. A B C D Question 43. Many bridges in New England were covered with wooden roofs to protect it from rain & snow. A B C D Question 44. The destroy of the rain forests is an ecological disaster that threatens the future of life on Earth. A B C D Question 45. Sarah had better change her study habits if she hopes to lớn admit to lớn such a good university. A B C D C. READING I. Look at the text in each question. What does it say? Choose the correct explanation A, B, C or D. (5.0 points) Question 46. PARKING khung A. Register your car here by filling in this khung Complete and place in lower left-hand B. Put this khung in your oto windscreen after filling it in. Corner of windscreen. C. Place the completed size at the top of your car windscreen. Car registration: D. Place the size inside the car. Date: Question 47. You can save some money with our A. You need a special type of ticket if you travel regularly. Super Weekly Saver Ticket if you B. The Super Weekly Saver Ticket can help all travelers lớn save money. Take this journey regularly. C. Cheaper tickets are available for people who travel often. D. You can get free tickets if you travel regularly. Page 3 / 6Question 48. NOTICES What has changed about the trip to lớn Portland Place? Boat Trip to Portland Place A. The transport Due khổng lồ high water levels, this trip will now B. The price take place by coach at no extra cost. The C. The departure time pick-up time from the hotel remains D. The place unchanged. Question 49. SCIENCE LIBRARY A. You should return your books lớn the assistant in the correct order. B. The books are easy lớn find because they are all arranged by level. All books are alphabetically arranged. C. All the books should be arranged in a scientific way. Please put them back correctly! D. You should replace books in the order that you found them. Question 50. Mark, On his return, Mark must ___. John’s phoned twice about the team danh mục A. Phone John about the team danh sách for Sunday’s Match for Sunday’s match. Could you e-mail it lớn B. Get John to play in the match on Sunday him as soon as you get in? C. Let John know who’s playing in the match on Sunday See you later, D. Thư điện tử John lớn allow him lớn play on Sunday Peter II. Read the passage below và decide which option A, B, C or D best fits each space. (10.0 points) Why did you decide to read this, và will you keep reading to lớn the end? vày you expect lớn understand every single part of it và will you remember anything about it in a fortnight’s (51)___? Common sense suggests that the answers to these questions depend on “readability” - whether the (52)___ matter is interesting, the argument clear và the (53)___ attractive. But psychologists are discovering that lớn (54)___ why people read - & often don’t read - technical information, they have lớn examine not so much the writing as the reader. Even the most technically confident people often (55)___ instructions for the video clip or home computer in favor of hands-on experience. Và people frequently (56)___ little notice of consumer information, whether on nutritional labels or in the small print of contracts. Psychologists researching reading tend to assume that both beginners & (57)___ readers read everything put in front of them from start khổng lồ finish. There are (58)___ among them about the role of eyes, memory & brain during the process. Some believe that fluent readers take (59)___ every letter or word they see; others (60)___ that readers rely on memory or context khổng lồ carry them from one phrase to another. However, they have always assumed that the reading process is the same: reading starts, comprehension occurs, then reading stops. Question 51. A. TermB. Period C. Gap D. Time Question 52. A. TopicB. Subject C. Nội dung D. Text Question 53. A. FormationB. PatternC. Layout D. Assembly Question 54. A. DetermineB. EnsureC. Value D. Rate Question 55. A. MissB. OmitC. Pass D. Ignore Question 56. A. GetB. TakeC. Pay D. Make Question 57. A. CompetentB. SufficientC. Considerable D. Valid Question 58. A. ObjectionsB. ContestsC. Arguments D. Separations Question 59. A. UpB. OverC. In D. Out Question 60. A. DirectB. InsistC. Urge D. Press Page 4 / 6III. Read the following passage và choose the best answer to each question. (10.0 points) The stylistic innovation in painting known as Impressionism began in the 1870s. The Impressionists wanted khổng lồ depict what they saw in nature, but they were inspired lớn portray fragmentary moments by the increasingly fast pace of modern life. They concentrated on the play of light over objects, people, và nature, breaking up seemingly solid surfaces, stressing vivid contrast between colors in sunlight và shade, and depiction reflected light in all of its possibilities. Unlike earlier artists, they did not want to lớn observe the world from indoors. They abandoned the studio, painting in the xuất hiện air & recording spontaneous Impressions of their subjects instead of making outside sketches and then moving indoors lớn complete the work from memory. Some of the Impressionists’ painting methods were affected by technological advances. For example, the shift from the studio lớn the xuất hiện air was made possible in part by the advent of cheap rail travel, which permitted easy and quick access khổng lồ the countryside or seashore, as well as by newly developed chemical dyes & oils that led to lớn collapsible paint tubes, which enabled artists to finish their paintings on the spot. Impressionism acquired its name not from supporters but from angry art lovers who felt threatened by the new painting. The term “Impressionism” was born in 1874, when a group of artists who had been working together organized an exhibition of their paintings in order khổng lồ draw public attention khổng lồ their work. Reaction from the public và press was immediate, & derisive. Among the 165 paintings exhibited was one called Impression: Sunrise, by Claude Monet (1840-1926), viewed through hostile eyes, Monet’s painting of a rising sun over a misty, watery scene seemed messy, slapdash, and an affront to good taste. Borrowing Monet’s title, art critics extended the term “Impressionism” to lớn the entire exhibit. In response, Monet & his 29 fellow artists in the exhibit adopted the same name as a badge of their unity, despite individual differences. From then until 1886 Impressionism had all the zeal of a “church”, as the painter Renoir put it. Monet was faithful to lớn the Impressionist creed until his death, although many of the others moved on to new styles. Question 61. What aspect of painting in the nineteenth century does the passage mainly discuss? A. The impact of some artists’ resistance khổng lồ the fast pace of life B. The differences between two major styles of art C. A group of artists with a new technique và approach to art D. A technological advance in the materials used by artists Question 62. The word “depict” in paragraph 1 is CLOSEST in meaning to___. A. Reorganize B. RepresentC. Justify D. Deform Question 63. According to lớn the passage, which of the following was one of the distinguishing characteristics of Impressionist painting? A. The focus on small solid objects B. The way the subjects were presented from multiple angles C. The emphasis on people rather than nature scenes D. The depiction of the effects of light and color Question 64. Which of the following is a significant way in which Impressionists were different from the artists that preceded them? A. They began by making sketches of their subjects. B. They painted their subjects out-of-doors. C. They used subjects drawn from modern life. D. They preferred to lớn paint from memory. Question 65. The word “advent” in paragraph 2 is CLOSEST in meaning to___. A. Arrival B. Acceptance C. AchievementD. Advantage Page 5 / 6Question 66. The exhibition of paintings organized in 1874 resulted in all of the following EXCEPT___. A. A negative reaction from the press B. Attracting attention from the public C. Creating a name for a new style of painting D. An immediate demand for the paintings exhibited Question 67. The word “affront” in paragraph 3 is CLOSEST in meaning to___. A. Insult B. Return C. EncouragementD. Credit Question 68. The rejection of the Impressionist exhibition by critics was caused by which of the following? A. The similarity between all the paintings exhibited B. Anger about seemingly poorly painted art C. The small number of paintings on display D. Lack of interest in exhibitions by young artists Question 69. The tác giả mentions Renoir in the last paragraph khổng lồ give an example of an artist who___. A. Became as famous as Monet B. Was consistently praised by art critics C. Was in favor of a traditional style of painting D. Described the enthusiasm of the Impressionists for their work Question 70. The word “others” in the last paragraph refers to___. A. Art critics B. New styles C. Fellow artistsD. Individual differences D. WRITING I. Finish each of the following sentences in such a way that it means the same as the sentence printed before it. (5.0 points) Question 71. Our fingers are used a great giảm giá khuyến mãi in modern life. Therefore, they will grow more sensitive.  The more Question 72. It’s a pity my teacher didn’t join our trip to lớn the Isle of Man last weekend.  I’d rather Question 73. The workers only called off the strike after a new pay offer.  Only after Question 74. Driving on icy roads is dangerous, whether you are experienced or not.  No matter Question 75. I would like to know who thought of that horrible name for this movie.  Who came ? II. This is part of a letter you have received from Jane, your pen pal from Scotland. In about 100 - 120 words, write a letter khổng lồ answer her questions. (10.0 points) I have just done some voluntary work in an orphanage in a suburb of Edinburgh. I’m happy that I could help others. Can you tell me something about voluntary activities that Vietnamese students often take part in? What vì chưng you think about these activities? NOTE: You are required khổng lồ sign your name as Thanh Trang! III. “Good books are my good teachers & my good friends”.

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Bởi you agree or disagree with this statement? Write a paragraph of about 160 -180 words to lớn express your opinion. (15.0 points) === THE kết thúc === Họ cùng tên thí sinh: Số báo danh: Chữ ký giám thị 1: Chữ ký kết giám thị 2: Page 6 / 6